「Extra」Aozora | Extra PCBs

「Extra」Aozora | Extra PCBs

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While this is an in-stock item, this item is an 「Extra」 and will ship after all Group Buy orders have shipped.  Expect a wait of one to two months before your order is shipped. As usual, all sales are final. 

There are 2 PCB options to chose from:

  •  The Universal/ISO PCB requires soldering, but covers many international layouts, including most of JIS. In order to use this you will also need Universal/ISO plate in order to use it.
  • The ANSI PCB is a hotswap board, which means the switches will not have a soldered connection to the PCB. This is the PCB that comes with the base kit. It only covers ANSI layouts and you will need an ANSI plate in order to use it. 

The Universal/ISO PCB Supports:

  • ISO Enter
  • Split Backspace
  • Split Right Shift - both [1u|1.75u] and [1.75u|1u]
  • Stepped Caps Lock

This item includes 1 Universal/ISO or ANSI PCB